Here are some frequently asked questions that we've received from our customers. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us.

We aim to fulfill orders within 5-7 days after the order has been confirmed. Additional days may be necessary to account for shipping or delivery times.

Mixers expire 1 year after being made. The “enjoy by” date is stamped on each bottle. We produce fresh batches almost every week. 

Only after they are opened. Our mixers are shelf stable until then. Perfect for retail shops or backstock for bars and restaurants. 

We ship via Fedex Ground. The shipping is calculated based on location and weight and added to the final invoice. 

Absolutely. If you’re looking to place an order beyond $500, please reach out about our discounts! 

Yep! They are on every bottle as well as linked here. 

Barcodes are on our large bottles. 

Yes! Everything besides the Spiced Honey is even vegan. 

Yes! Reach out to get pricing and to place an order!